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LTIMindtree PolarSled
Your Journey to Snowflake starts here!

Technology is helping leaders reinvent businesses, and data transformation is the main driving force. Modernizing and streamlining data environments and migrating legacy data to modern platforms can help create data-first organizations that prioritize innovation. No wonder 82% of organizations plan to increase their data modernization investments in 2023.

However, data transformation is a complex process. It requires establishing a clear migration path, dealing with a gamut of technologies, and eliminating technology debt while ensuring business continuity. So, how can your organization speed up its data transformation? By using PolarSled for a seamless Snowflake migration.

  • Global services management company achieves data-driven transformation @speed & @scale, powering decision-making
    for 50% of its workforce 

  • Largest hotel chain drives hyper personalization for 350Mn+ guests across 30 brands 

  • Leading American coffee company embraces tech to brew success with 2X business improvement and 30-50% cost reduction 

  • Leading universal bank saves 3 million euros with modern, efficient data platform 

  • Swedish commercial vehicles manufacturer reduces 50% telecom costs and reimagines sustainable transport with a platform for connected vehicle analytics 


What is PolarSled?

LTIMindtree's PolarSled is built to help organizations design, accelerate, and govern their data migration to Snowflake's Data Cloud. From creating a Snowflake migration strategy to automation to post-migration governance and optimizations, PolarSled has you covered.

The four pillars of the PolarSled Framework are:

Strategize: Reduce time and effort during Snowflake migration with an intelligent cloud migration strategy.

Govern: Achieve up to 20% cost optimization and build sustainable operations with a governance tool kit.

Migrate: Accelerate data validation and migration to Snowflake Data Cloud with up to 70% automation.

Mesh: Expedite your journey to Snowflake with the Mesh Toolkit.

How can PolarSled improve your Snowflake migration experience?

PolarSled's mindful automation makes your Snowflake Cloud migration journey predictable, cost-effective, and agile.

Expedite your journey to the cloud data platform from years to months with wing-to-wing accelerator-driven automation.

Do It Fast


Build a future-ready data platform by eliminating the legacy platform's technical debts and migration risks.

Do It Right


Leverage key guiding principles and best practices to reduce migration complexity in a de-risked manner.

Do It Safe

If Snowflake is your destination, LTIMindtree PolarSled is the best way to get there!

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