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By gaining unique insights into individual customer preferences, behaviors, and real-time context, businesses can deliver personalized and timely interactions that are not just relevant but truly invaluable. A single source of truth for customer data is the first step in executing higher-value customer data initiatives.

Sujith Gopalakrishnan

Snowflake Field CTO, LTIMindtree

David Millman

Partner Sales Engineer, Fivetran

Daimler Truck NA started their Snowflake journey in 2024 and is keeping Snowflake at the heart of their data architecture. Hear from the technical expert on how they embracing Snowflake in their current journey and  rolling out data products to market with ease.​
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Venu Mashetty

Data Engineering Leader, DTNA


Raktim Majumdar

Director – Snowflake SBU​

In this session, we will delve into the transformative power of portfolio analytics using the FDC and Goldensource. We will explore how these cutting-edge platforms can revolutionize your investment strategies and decision-making processes. FDC, a leading AI-driven decision-making platform, empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions with confidence. It provides robust predictive analytics, scenario analysis, and optimization capabilities that can be leveraged to enhance portfolio performance.
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Corey Strumer

Accounts Director, Fosfor

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Jeremy Katzeff

Head of Buy Side Solutions, GoldenSource

LTIMindtree snowflakes submit 2024

LTIMindtree is a global technology consulting and digital solutions company that enables enterprises across industries to reimagine business models, accelerate innovation, and maximize growth by harnessing digital technologies. As a digital transformation partner to more than 700 clients, LTIMindtree brings extensive domain and technology expertise to help drive superior competitive differentiation, customer experiences, and business outcomes in a converging world. Powered by 82,000+ talented and entrepreneurial professionals across more than 30 countries, LTIMindtree — a Larsen & Toubro Group company — combines the industry-acclaimed strengths of erstwhile Larsen and Toubro Infotech and Mindtree in solving the most complex business challenges and delivering transformation at scale. For more information, please visit

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