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Simplify Savings. Control Costs.

with LTIMindtree PolarSled FinOps

(now available on Snowflake Marketplace)

Optimizing costs can be a concern while shifting to the Snowflake Data Cloud. If you're looking to optimize your migration expenses, look no further. PolarSled FinOps NativeApp is your answer.

LTIMindtree's PolarSled FinOps is a cutting-edge framework designed to streamline Snowflake cost management and governance. This solution, part of the PolarSled governance toolkit, empowers organizations to estimate, monitor, control, and optimize their spending on Snowflake accounts. It's a game-changer for anyone seeking to maximize the value of their Snowflake data cloud investment.

Why PolarSled FinOps NativeApp?

  • Cost Estimation:  Understand your workloads, calculate credits consumption, and build a solid business case for your Snowflake use case.

  • Cost Monitoring:  Gain a multi-dimensional view of costs, classify them based on various factors, and predict future costs with over sixty dashboards.

  • Cost Control:    Apply automated controls to ensure costs stay within defined limits, identify parameters not matching cost goals, and set up account-level properties for efficiency.

  • Cost Optimization:    Continuously track and analyze queries, identify and remediate inefficient queries, and ensure maximum efficiency in all layers of Snowflake.

  • Industry Best Practices:      Leverage automated assessments against benchmarked best practices, receive regular health reports, and benefit from persona-based dashboards and alerts.

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