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Recalibrating Media & Entertainment (M&E)
for a Brighter Future, Faster. Together.

The M&E Landscape

The Media and Entertainment(M&E) sector seamlessly merges cutting-edge IT solutions with the magic of storytelling, entertainment, and digital experiences. ​​This classic synergy between technology and creativity has enabled the M&E industry to weather many a storm like the looming threat of a recession or the unexpected arrival of the pandemic. 

Challenges and Needs​

The M&E industry is at a crucial juncture now.  The decelerating rate of growth (by 2027 M&E revenue will grow just 2.8% from 2026) is alarming and is changing the imperatives for industry leaders. It is time to confront the challenges hounding the M&E business and recalibrate strategies to drive growth.

Declining Consumer Spending

Expansion of Global OTT market

Shifting Priorities for Studios

Changing Regulatory Environment

Reset Expectations to Drive Growth

The challenges though with its tensions also bring along new opportunities. When the stakes are high, organizations need to build resilient business models that adapt to the evolving media landscape. To find the silver lining of growth, companies need to actively align with hotspots that would enable them to pivot and explore new revenue opportunities, stay relevant in the globalized market and offer innovative content.

Growth Hotspots

Tapping into increased

ad spend

Advertising approaching

US$1 trillion in annual revenue.

Embracing emerging tech like Gen AI, AR/VR

As per PwC Pulse Survey, 67% of leaders in M&E say new tech like gen AI, threaten their current business models.

Enabling enhanced Global Reach

310 Million Global Connected Households to Have at Least One OTT Service by 2024.

Taking M&E to the future, faster. Together

As the M&E industry goes through a transformative evolution, LTIMindtree has identified three fundamental pillars that have emerged essential for its survival, growth and relevance.

Achieving profitable growth in M&E requires strategic planning, innovation and adaptability to changing consumer behaviors and technological advancements. Reducing operational costs in the right areas can have a huge impact on the bottom line and can largely boost the enterprise value. Improving productivity and maintaining healthy profit margins will not only incur savings but enable organizations to diversify their revenue streams and invest in crucial creative segments.


Cloud Economics getting
it right


How Dynamic pricing revolutionizes streaming services



Cost Optimization and Cybersecurity : Cornerstones of the M&E evolution

On the cusp of a new competitive phase, the M&E business is trying to profitably monetize their investment on streaming platforms and optimize their cost structures. While cost optimization efforts will drive efficiency, the decision makers need to astutely reinvest their cost savings to target areas of high ROI.

With the surge of rapid digitization of content and distribution platforms and rise of emerging tech, the M&E industry is a prime target for cyber attacks. The complex ecosystem with various stakeholders creates multiple entry points for cyber attackers to exploit vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is imperative that M&E organizations understand the urgency to implement robust cybersecurity protocols. 

Safeguarding Content and Assets: Cybersecurity Solutions for M&E

As more and more cyberthreat actors emerge, the possibilities of security incidents like content leak or the theft of sensitive information are becoming more likely than ever in the M&E industry.  An incident like a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack, data breach, or ransomware can not only lead to content theft and piracy directly impacting the revenues, but such incidents can often put a dent on a company’s brand reputation.
At LTIMindtree, we have extensive experience in transforming security operations for large M
&E enterprises around the world.


NXT CyberResilience


Five Steps to a Mature Cybersecurity Program and Achieve Resiliency


Achieving Applications Security Maturity

Upto 40% Improvement in ad revenue and monetization
Employee Strength.png
Eliminate manual efforts on search and tagging and improve efficiency and cost savings by 80%
FY’23 Revenue.png
40% + improvement in Application Security posture in first 6 months
Upto 50%
enhanced viewer engagement
Marquee Clients.png

Why LTIMindtree

LTIMindtree is geared to help CME Clients in their transformation journey with the scale of an incumbent at the speed of a disruptor.


  • 30% Certified Professionals

  • 3000+ Employees


  • Focus on 7 key M&E segments

  • Strong capabilities across the e2e Media Value Chain

Client Portfolio

  • Includes 6 of the top 10 Media and Publishing companies

  • 10+ Fortune 500 Marquee customers

LTIMindtree’s Mediacube

LTIMindtree mediacube is a cloud-based service offering a bouquet of products for the Media & Entertainment industry solving for Content, Consumer, Compliance & Commerce

We help clients in bolstering their business innovation through our AI-driven platform ‘MediaCube’.

Connect with our experts today to learn how LTIMindtree can help solve digital transformation challenges across media and content supply chain.


Automated Metadata Tagging 

Revolutionizing content Management with AI 

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A dynamic AI-Driven Contextual Ad-Insertion Solution that Maximizes...


DeCloner AI

AI-Powered Deduplication solution that helps you organize and maintain...

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