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Transform Contact Center Experiences 

Gen AI-Powered Cognitive Contact Center 

LTIMindtree has a robust alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to guarantee our clients access to optimal expertise and tools for migrating, transforming, and managing workloads in the AWS cloud. We deliver tailored services on Amazon Connect, employing a meticulously crafted strategy and framework to empower customers with extensive Amazon Connect Cloud solutions ranging from Strategy Consulting, Cloud Contact Center Setup & Migration, Contact Center Transformation and Service Desk Automation.

Key Features:

Enhanced Customer experience
We provide Personalized User Experience with Amazon connect contact flow enabling self-service with Human like conversations leveraging Amazon Lex Bot and AI services. We also provide Omni channel experience to our customers by maintaining the context across all the interaction channels and Intelligently Deflect calls to the Agents.

Enhanced Agent Experience
We Empowers Agents with Intelligent Agent Dashboard providing features like Call Summary of the conversation between the bot and the customer, Smart search, sentiment analysis of the user, next best actions and smart suggestion. Also helps agents with the aftercall work (ACW) helping them in first contact resolution and reducing the average handling time.

Gen AI has the power to revolutionize customer experiences. 

Revolutionize customer service by delivering human-like responses and efficiently handling 90% of calls using Gen AI-powered
self-service bots.

Reduce Average Call Handling (ACH) time, automate After-Call Work (ACW), and increase First-Call Resolution (FCR) rates.

Solve existing problems while proactively preparing for the future using conversational AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI, and predictive analytics.

Revolutionize customer support with the ability to interpret customer sentiments and personalize all interactions



From legacy to leading edge: Migrate existing on-premises Contact Center (CC) to CCaaS and extend to new geographies.​ 

Next-gen CC: Experience Gen AI-powered optimized workflows and improved agent efficiency. 

Cognitive Contact Center  


Configure self-service, dynamic contact flows, reports, and integration with Salesforce, WFM, ServiceNow, Siebel, and
Data Lakes. 

Seamless Workflow Configuation 


Leverage features like automatic case creation, interaction summarization, sentiment using contact lens, intelligent skill-based routing, multi-channel interaction support, and AI model optimization based on
historical interactions

Transforming CC to Next-Gen CC 

Case Studies

Revolutionizing Customer Service with Next-Gen Cognitive Contact Centers 

The customer dominates the global travel and tourism industry. From airlines to search engines, travel agencies to hotels, the world's most popular travel brands rely on customers to create unique travel experiences.

  • One-stop solution for Contact Center Management by development and enhancement of admin dashboard and enabling it with user management, group management, queue status, routing profile details, management of business opening hours and holidays, prompts and emergency management, phone inventory lookup for Amazon Connect claimed number

  • Implemented Twilio Click to Call feature to place a call to Amazon Connect Contact Flow from a browser-based application and automatic pin transmission to reduce PIN mismatch issues. 

  • Incorporated SNS alarms within CloudWatch with enhanced monitoring and alerting capabilities for Lambdas and Amazon Connect. 

  • Implement scalable cloud based omni channel solution with self service configuration, dynamic contact flows, reports and flexible third-party integrations with Salesforce, WFM, ServiceNow, Siebel 

  • Analyze interactions, display summary, sentiment using Contact Lens and expand the scope for AI based automation 

  • Design and Implement of Multilingual Voice flows and webchat flows across new Business Units/Organizations 

  • Elevated user experience through improved interaction with the chatbot for one of their Business Unit 

  • Expansion, Enhancement & Maintenance of the existing applications for omni channel solution across multiple BU’s 

  • Enhance overall Operation Solution with real-time recommendation, automatic alerts and task distribution 

  • 24/7 operational excellence

Business benefits achieved :

Reduction in ACW
Reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT)
Reduction in FCR
Lower operational cost

Conversational AI

Conversational AI is revolutionizing customer experiences by enabling seamless, human-like, and contextual conversations. It's being adopted across industries like healthcare, retail, banking, telecom, utilities, hospitality, and manufacturing. Its 24x7 availability, operational efficiency, and scalability make it a profitable business solution. 

Businesses are leveraging chatbots and voice bots, leveraging the full potential of conversational AI, to gain consumer trust and motivate employees. With 50+ customer engagements, LTIMindtree’s Conversational AI applications and in-house accelerators learn from previous client engagements, and future experiences are tailored accordingly. 

We have in-depth and extensive understanding of implementing and integrating industry-leading platforms like MS Bot framework, Amazon Lex, Dialogflow, Alexa, Amelia, and LivePerson. 

We have an in-depth and extensive understanding of implementing and integrating industry-leading platforms like MS Bot framework, Amazon Lex, Dialogflow, Alexa, Amelia, and LivePerson. 


Our Solutions  


Smart IVR: Our Gen AI-powered voice and chatbots provide 24/7 multilingual customer support, reducing service desk call volume and implementing NLP for automatic speech recognition. 


SmartEmail: Unlock the power of email automation with our configurable connector that uses Gen AI to interpret context and interact with customers efficiently. 


SmartKiosk: Leverage our AI/NLP-powered 3D Virtual Assistant to offer an interactive, personalized, and omnichannel user experience. 



Brand & Marketing | Commerce | Customer Service: Address queries across all touchpoints for consumers to engage and have a seamless experience during the pre-purchase, in-purchase, and post-purchase cycles. 


IT Service Desk | HR Desk | Travel Desk: Enable process efficiencies and faster turnarounds across operational activities, reducing costs and increasing bandwidth availability. 

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LTIMindtree is a global technology consulting and digital solutions company that enables enterprises across industries to reimagine business models, accelerate innovation, and maximize growth by harnessing digital technologies. As a digital transformation partner to more than 700 clients, LTIMindtree brings extensive domain and technology expertise to help drive superior competitive differentiation, customer experiences, and business outcomes in a converging world. Powered by 83,000+ talented and entrepreneurial professionals across more than 30 countries, LTIMindtree — a Larsen & Toubro Group company — combines the industry-acclaimed strengths of erstwhile Larsen and Toubro Infotech and Mindtree in solving the most complex business challenges and delivering transformation at scale. For more information, please visit

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